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Debt Defense Services for Residents and Businesses in Tarrant County

Texans have been pummeled by the poor economy over the last 5 or 6 years and many are struggling with past due bills. If you’ve lost your job and had other setbacks like divorce or illness, then you could be among those suffering.

Mastriani Law Firm, PC, has established an innovative Debt Settlement Program that has already helped thousands of people across Texas to eliminate interest and reduce the principal they owed. In fact, this program has worked for more than 95 percent of our clients.

Are You Currently Being Harassed by Creditors?

Get rid of debt! Start over with the Mastriani Debt Defense plan. This highly effective program is NOT a debt consolidation program and it does not require you to file bankruptcy. Are you ready for a New Financial Beginning?

A bankruptcy on your credit report can damage your credit rating for up to 10 years. Debt consolidation programs often leave you owing the same monthly payments as before. Your creditors won’t help. They don’t even try to help their customers get caught up.

Tarrant County, Arlington and Ft. Worth Debt Relief

Attorney John Mastriani has helped thousands of people get debt relief and his program can work for you too. Mastriani Law Firm protects clients from the unscrupulous and illegal activities of lenders and debt collectors. Many consumers don’t realize that they have legal rights. It takes a professional Debt Defense Attorney to protect you from harassment.

The Mastriani debt settlement plan is a very unique program that works! Call toll free 888-392-8121 today to learn more about this special program. You will not have to declare bankruptcy and this is not a debt consolidation program!

This all-original Debt Defense program can help people in all types of situations including:

Mastriani Law Firm provides a number of other services, such as legal representation for commercial and business law, eminent domain, breach of contract, business litigation and many more.

“My law firm does more than just negotiate with creditors to consolidate your debt. We are real debt relief. As a licensed attorney, I have the capacity to take your case to trial if the creditors won’t be fair about debt relief and illegal debt collections practices. I go to court, and I win. I am the aggressive advocate you need on your side.” – Attorney John Mastriani

If you’re the victim of Illegal Creditor Activities, then take action now! You can get help today from Mastriani Law Firm! We know how stressful it can be to get calls constantly from debt collectors. We Take Credit Card Companies to Court to protect your rights.

Our proven strategies have worked for thousands of Texans and they can help you too. Regain your financial freedom today. Contact Mastriani Law Firm. We offer free consultations and every client is treated with respect and compassion.

We represent clients all over Tarrant County and all of Texas. If you live in Arlington, Fort Worth, Flower Mound, Grapevine, then you can get help today. We work with individuals, families and business owners across Texas. Why not email or call toll free at 888-392-8121 right away to speak to a Tarrant County debt defense attorney?