Being Sued by Dodeka LLC in Texas?

Dodeka, LLC is a debt collecting corporation that has purchased your debt for a fraction of what it is worth and then attempts to collect the full value of the debt from you. For example, if you owed a debt to a bank worth $12,000 and Dodeka purchases it for $5,000 Dodeka can’t legally force you to pay the $12,000.

However, this is exactly what Dodeka, LLC attempts to do when they buy your debt and then sue you for the entire amount. The good news is, in order to be successful they must produce proper evidence through documentation that they own the entire amount they are asking for. Since most often they cannot prove this, the judge rules the case defective and it is dismissed.

Proper Legal Representation

Without proper representation and an appropriate and timely response to the lawsuit, the case can easily be ruled against you. Mastriani Law Firm has the best debt defense attorneys in Houston and can fight bullies like Dodeka, LLC on your behalf. We will respond to your lawsuit in the proper fashion and in a timely manner. With us on your side, we can prove Dodeka has no grounds for suit.

If you don’t respond to the lawsuit within the allotted four-year time frame, the court will rule in favor of Dodeka and sentence a default judgement. Meaning, you will be forced to pay the entire amount they are suing and perhaps more (i.e. attorney fees, interest, etc.)

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