Being Sued By Equable Ascent Financial LLC in Texas?

Equable Ascent Financial is a company that purchases debt at a discounted rate from the original creditor and then attempts to collect the original amount from the consumer. Equable regularly files lawsuits to force debtors into paying them the full amount even though they’ve purchased the debt at a lower price.

In order for Equable Ascent Financial to successfully win their suit, they have to prove that the original amount they are trying to collect from you is actually owned by them. Since it is not, they will have a tough time providing sufficient evidence to prove it is. However, when you don’t response to their lawsuit on time the court will rule in their favor. This means that you will be required to pay them everything they are asking for and more. Without the proper representation, this could end very badly for the debtor.

Mastriani Law Firm is experienced and ready to fight for you with a long list of credible successes. Don’t let Equable Ascent Financial win by default judgment simply because you were too afraid to respond. We can help you! Contact us TODAY.

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