Being Sued By LVNV Funding in Texas?

LVNV Funding, LLC is a company that collects on debt claims after they’ve bought the debt from its original creditor (i.e. credit card companies or banks). What happens is LVNV Funding will purchase the debt at a discounted price, but proceed to collect the original amount from you. If their attempts to collect are unsuccessful, a lawsuit is then filed.

Once a lawsuit is filed, LVNV Funding is required to prove to the court that the original debt amount they are attempting to collect from you belongs to their company. Since they are not the original creditor (as they’ve purchased it from the original creditor) and thus are not entitled to the original amount owed, more likely than not, the court will rule the case defective and it will be dismissed. Should the case be proven valid and proper documentation is produced, we will proceed to settle on your behalf.

John Mastriani is an experienced and powerfully-equipped debt defense attorney that can get you positive results without damaging your financial situation any further. Mastriani Law Firm is ready to fight for you against bullies like LVNV Funding, LLC. We have a high success rate and can get you a fair settlement without being forced into bankruptcy or debt consolidation.

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