Being Sued by Pharia LLC in Texas?

Pharia, LLC purchases thousands of debts from their original creditors. After they own them, Pharia sues the debtors in hopes that they will be able to collect the full amount originally owed instead of the discounted amount they bought the debt for. Most often, Pharia can’t provide sufficient documentation to prove the original amount is what you owe them instead of the discounted amount. In that instance, the lawsuit will be dismissed and you will pay nothing.

Contact Us to Respond to the Lawsuit On Time!

You need to contact us ASAP. There is only a limited amount of time allotted before the court will rule a default judgment and you could be required to pay the entire amount they are suing you for. Call 888-392-8121 or 713-665-1777 before negotiating or making ANY payments. We are offering you a FREE consultation with a debt defense attorney from Mastriani Law Firm, PC.

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