Being Sued By Portfolio Recovery Associates in Texas?

Portfolio Recovery Associates is a company that buys debt and then attempts to make money off of it. When a consumer’s credit card account defaults because they are not making payments, a company like Portfolio Recovery Associates will purchase the account at an inexpensive rate in hopes of collecting as much as they can from you, the consumer. Countless lawsuits are filed everyday with the anticipating of collecting on old debt claims.

How We Will Defend YOU

It’s possible that Portfolio Recovery Associates is lacking sufficient documents, thereby rendering the case defective. Without proper documents and without a sufficient amount of documentation, their case is weak. We will file an objection to the lawsuit based on insufficient evidence. Most often, the judge rules in our favor and the court renders the suit unsound.

If Portfolio Recovery is able to produce the necessary documentation, it is then our job to judge whether or not their claims are true. If they are able to prove you are the debtor, we will move to settle. Debt defense attorney John Mastriani has represented thousands of consumers facing the same situation as you and can help you get results like the others without filing for bankruptcy or resorting to debt consolidation. Mastriani Law Firm is capable of winning you a fair settlement that is beneficial to your needs.

Contact an Experience Debt Defense Lawyer

Call 888-392-8121 or 713-665-1777 before negotiating or making ANY payments. We are offering you a FREE consultation with a debt defense attorney from Mastriani Law Firm, PC.

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