Being Sued by Sued by Palisades Collection LLC in Texas?

Debt buyers like Palisades Collection, LLC regularly sue scared and burdened Americans like you for consumer debt they’ve purchased from its original creditors. They then proceed to harass you into paying the full original amount when they’ve purchased the debt for less than that.

The scam is that the original creditor gets paid a portion of the debt when they sell it and the debt buyer makes a profit by suing you for the entire amount.

Contact an Experienced Debt Defense Law Firm

You have options and we are here to explore those with you. The court requires debt buyers to produce proof that they own the original amount they’re attempting to collect from you. If they can’t provide sufficient documentation, which they rarely do, the case is dismissed. However, you need proper representation so that you can respond to the summons appropriately and in a timely manner. You need the skilled attorneys of Mastriani Law Firm on your side. We will be with you every step of this process so you don’t feel alone or afraid.

Call 888-392-8121 or 713-665-1777 before negotiating or making ANY payments. We are offering you a FREE consultation with a debt defense attorney from Mastriani Law Firm, PC.

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