Houston Wage Garnishment Lawyer

Are you receiving phone calls or letters from debt collectors threatening you with wage garnishment? The garnishment of wages is only allowed under very specific circumstances and is specifically regulated. In many cases, credit card companies and other creditors use the threat of garnishment to get what they want, even when they cannot legally garnish an individual’s wages.

Are you sick and tired of being pushed around? Are you looking forward to a day where your wages are not being threatened by an aggressive creditor? Your first step should be getting in touch with Mastriani Law Firm. We provide comprehensive debt defense solutions, without debt consolidation and without bankruptcy.

If your rights are being violated, Houston debt lawyer John Mastriani will pursue litigation in court to make your creditors respect your rights under Texas regulations and the federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act.

When Can A Creditor Garnish My Wages? We Have The Answer.

Can a creditor garnish your wages? It is not worth the risk of doing nothing and finding out the hard way that they can. If you are being threatened with wage garnishment, call 713-665-1777 or contact us by email for a free initial consultation with a Houston wage garnishment attorney.