Representative Cases

The Mastriani Law Firm has defended credit card lawsuits and bank collection lawsuits throughout Texas. Since 2005, John V. Mastriani of the Mastriani Law Firm has been listed as lead counsel in excess of 2,250 cases. John V. Mastriani has also been called upon hundreds of time by lawyers throughout the state of Texas to appear as trial counsel for their clients.

Although a lawsuit and its cause number are public records, the Mastriani Law Firm respects the privacy of its clients and does not make the case number readily available to the public as most firms do on its website. Rest assured that less than five percent of the debt defense lawsuits the Mastriani Law Firm had been involved have resulted in a judgment rendered by a Judge or Jury against our client. Of course, each case is specific to an individual and that is why we offer the free attorney consultation so we may discuss the particular aspects directly with our potential client.