Sued by Rausch, Stern, Israel, Henderson, and Hornick Due to Debt in Texas?

Has Rausch, Stern, Israel, Henderson and Hornick Filed a Lawsuit against You? We Can Help.
Mastriani Law Firm has supported thousands of clients all across Texas in putting a stop to creditor harassment and helping free them from their debt. John Mastriani has over 20 years of legal experience as a debt defense attorney. His leadership has led to a 95 percent success rate in reducing principal and completely dismissing interest owed.

We implement powerful and efficient defense strategies from unique insight to effectively defeat debt collection action brought by Rausch, Stern, Israel, Henderson and Hornick. Our strategies ensure a fair result without having to turn to bankruptcy or debt consolidation. We are equipped to defend you against credit card lawsuits, vehicle repossession lawsuits, student loan lawsuits, and most any other type of debt collection action thrown by Rausch, Stern, Israel, Henderson and Hornick. Our tenacious reputation often leads to either case dismissal before it goes to trial, or a guaranteed satisfactory settlement for our client.

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