Sued by Vion Holdings LLC in Texas?

Vion Holdings, LLC is a debt purchasing company that files a lawsuit against the debtor as soon as they own the debt. By taking you, the consumer, to court, Vion Holdings hopes to receive the full amount owed to the original debtor instead of the marked down amount they purchased the debt for.

Since Vion Holdings does not own the original amount owed, they will have a tough time providing documentation that proves you owe the full amount to them. Once our firm shows the court that Vion Holdings is lacking proper documents, the court will dismiss the case and rule it defective.

Contact Us to Respond to the Lawsuit on Time

You have short amount of time to respond to a lawsuit before the court will rule in their favor by default. This means you could be forced to pay the full amount to them. Contact Mastriani Law Firm ASAP for a free consultation with a debt defense attorney. We are ready and fully capable of defending you against bullies like Vion Holdings.

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