Sued by Zwicker and Associates Due to Debt in Texas?

Has Zwicker and Associates Filed a Lawsuit against You? We Can Help.
Mastriani Law Firm, PC, has assisted thousands of clients all over Texas in stopping creditor harassment and eliminating their debt. Under Texas debt defense attorney John Mastriani’s leadership we’ve significantly reduced principal and completely removed interest for over 95 percent of our clients.

Our firm has been widely successful in defending persons who have been sued by Zwicker and Associates. Our Houston-based attorneys have lengthy experience in defending against credit card lawsuits, vehicle repossession lawsuits, student loan lawsuits, and almost any other type of debt collection action brought by Zwicker and Associates. As a result of their familiarity with our firm’s reputation for tenacity in the court room, Zwicker and Associates will choose to either dismiss the case prior to trial or offer a favorable settlement that is beneficial to our client’s needs.

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