Austin Written Settlement Lawyer

Many people who suffer the stress of overwhelming debt are placed in dire financial situations due to misleading contracts, unexpected interest rate increases and other unfair business practices that creditors pushed upon them. Why would you trust the company that has pushed you to the limit to draft a written settlement for your debts?

If you are in default on loans and credit card debt, the Austin written settlement attorneys at Mastriani Law Firm, PC, are able to protect your best interests while negotiating debt settlement agreements on your behalf.

Drafting Secure, Reliable Written Agreements

Protecting yourself goes beyond simply negotiating a deal with a creditor. Any agreement you enter into must be thoroughly examined by an experienced lawyer, especially true in debt defense cases. Even if you are able to negotiate a final payment for a loan, it is crucial that you have a sound legal document, or written settlement, drafted to assure that a creditor does not then attempt to sell your debt to a collections agency or debt buying agency.

We have successfully negotiated debt settlement agreements and debt relief options for more than 95 percent of our clients. Whether you are struggling with credit card debt, auto loans, bank loans, boat loans, judgment debts, medical debts or something else, you can rely on us to help you find a solution without filing for bankruptcy or using debt consolidation.

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